Monday, July 26, 2010


This blog is about change. While there not be a shift in the universe taking place artists have been known to be bellwethers in society.  I won't claim that the urge to move from landscapes to nudes is a symptom of anything more than a growing apathy about the beauty in nature.  But I have a nagging sense that something bigger is afoot.

Things happen for a reason. Changes are taking place in my life of their own accord and the only way I am going to find out what this is about is by accepting what is coming. A major change that is about to take place is a move to the big city. For the next two years I'll be living in the capital of our province and I am keenly looking forward to ready access to art, culture - and models - while I am there. I am focused on pushing my artistic abilities beyond my current limitations. I want to experience - and learn - everything I can about figure drawing to break through the walls of my own conservative approach. I want to paint things wildly creative.

Seeking change like that is not like me - I am atavistic - always comfortable to hide in a time warp where unapologetic representation was the norm. I don't know that I can completely abandon representational art - but I hope to stretch the lines a little thinner than I have.

Is there an audience for what I want to do?  Art lovers have always had a warm spot for images of beautiful bodies rendered with passion and purpose. I want to get to that place where my work is steeped in that same appreciation. Looking at my current paintings I know I have a challenge ahead of me before I "arrive." But I feel the changes that are happening around me will help lead me in the right direction.

Wish me luck....

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