Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the beginning....

Hello WORLD! Welcome to my brand new blog.

I have been convinced by a good friend to try this amazing tool as possibly a better way to reach a potential audience for my pictures. Living and creating art in a remote Canadian community presents challenges when it comes to reaching viewers. I've had a website for years but it's failed to reach many of you out there - I'm not sure why. My hope is that this format works a little better.

I have a lot to learn about how blogging works - how do I show my art? How do I talk about what I do, why I do it? Will anyone even listen.

We'll see, I guess.

I've posted one of my current works-in-progress, and acrylic on canvas (48" X 60") that I am experimenting with. Figurative works, especially nudes, have become my passion. I painted landscapes for over fourty years and felt it was time to move on to other challenges. I'll post my work along the way - landscapes and nudes - but you can see them at www.roberthemphill.com.

I also plan to share a little of my lifelong process of "arrival" as an artist over the months to come. Please do stay tuned :-)

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