Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting it rolling...

It's hard to get over the feeling I'm talking to myself here, but, hey!... I do that often enough in real time it's okay. I am trying to make myself understand too that this is NOT my autobiography (though I'll be surprised if it doesn't become autobiographical at times.) It may be nothing more than a bit of self indulgence, but I hope that by writing about what I do - painting pictures - I will learn something about my own motivation, and the process. I'm hoping you'll find reading about it interesting now and then. I'll post my art as it makes sense to - and I hope you enjoy that as well.

It will be delightful if this venue allows me to connect with other artists and art lovers. I live far from the urban art centers and conversations with other creative people are rare. I really do hope to discover other artists and art lovers through their blogs as I dig into this social phenomenon.

Getting the word out about my art has become as long a process as making the art has been. It takes effort and I don't expect immediate results. I will try to write regularly and get interesting content out there.

I tell myself I paint because it pleases me to make art, but secretly - I'd love an audience for it. Perhaps someday I will finally become an overnight success ... wish me luck :-)

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